Valentines Day

The mystery of history would have us believe it was during the 5th century that Pope Gelasius (echos of Jealousius!) declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day but it was much later in the 14th century when the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer first recorded St. Valentine’s Day as a romantic celebration in penning his poem “Parliament of Foules’.

And somewhere in the mix comes Cupid. The Roman god Cupid has his roots in Greek mythology as Eros, Greek god of Love. But as fascinating as history often is, the intrigue of modern Valentine’s Day is steeped in Romantic candlelit dinners, Quirky celebrations, Proposals, Cocktail Parties and all.

History also reveals that the extravagance of the Cocktail was part inspired by the best of British ‘punches’ of the 18th century, served in punch houses; concoctions of spirits and mixers often fruity, daringly spicy!

What better way to keep tradition flowing than hosting your very own party for two this Valentine’s Night at your own abode. Picture a romantic evening soaking in a hot tub under moonlit stars, cocktail in hand with a bottle of your favourite tipple chilling on the side. Ooh la la!

Sounds positively idyllic.

Allow barKode to create your perfect Valentine’s Dream Night with our speciality package, an intimate gazebo furnished with hot tub and themed as you like it.

Your desire is soft music with softer lighting? Maybe flowers, chocolate, the works!

You could entertain your very own mix of nostalgia and things to come, passionately created with love and adulation.

barKode will dress the stage for you to conjure the performance!

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