Planning a party for 2022?

With all the confusion and fallout surrounding the pandemic, more recently but not least the Omicron variant, planning for 2022 may seem a thankless task. That said, of course, it must be done. Especially where partying is concerned. Too many days spent in isolation, fruitless lockdowns, not knowing the safest places to go, who with and with how many and, and! The ideal solution is to host your own event at your own convenience, at your preferred site, home, or away with people you know and hopefully trust. And no, this isn’t a plug for a certain political party but a party nonetheless!!

Corporate, Birthday, Hen/Stag, House Warmings, Baby Shower, Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary, Divorce! to name but a few.

Where to start? A Birthday of course, where all party life starts!

Even if you cant figure out where the time has gone, in a flash you’re two years older. Lockdown birthdays aside surely this is the year to catch up. Planning should be meticulous and extravagant after all we have lost time to make up. The traditional pre-covid house party may be a distant memory so why not re-invent the wheel? Working from home has become the norm for thousands of us so why not host at home too? The ultimate ‘office party’! Rally the party experts and relinquish the hassle.

Start by surveying your space. Garden, patio, kitchen, roof-terrace, yard? With vision and imagination, ‘barKode’ will help create the perfect setting and more. If you’re planning a home party, we’ll happily conduct a site survey to assist in the location of the bar and ancillaries. At this point, we’ll need to factor in services such as power sockets, outside water tap, and drainage. All cables and hoses will be run as discretely as possible with safety in mind – the last thing you need are guests ‘tripping’ before the alcohol is poured!

Outdoors, rain or shine the bar is best situated undercover which is where our 3*3 gazebo holds its own. We’ll site this in the optimal spot and theme it to your taste. Access is just as paramount as the space to jingle and mingle.

All glassware is provided, made from the finest polycarbonate, and ideal for every occasion indoors or out. The double bar fridge is compact and efficient and can be placed in most surroundings complimenting the bespoke bar and beer dispensers. Lights, smoke, and bubble producers, all manner of decorations to your penchant add to the magic of the themed bar and birthday celebrations. Not forgetting that all-important sound thrusting speaker adding to the mix. DJ optional!

At ‘barKode’ we take pride in offering a professional service with competitively priced packages and memorable experiences. We’ll even take care of the necessaries such as licenses.

 If there’s one thing we’ve learned from recent times it’s that all Birthdays are special, not just the milestones.

Contact ‘barKode’ today and plan your greatest Birthday party ever!

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