Party on St. Patrick’s Day!

The month of March heralds the Feast of St. Patrick aka St. Patrick’s Day aka Paddy’s Day! Traditionally held on March 17th, a cultural and religious celebration, observed by Irish people, folk of Irish descent and passionate masses the world over; it’s also a time renowned for drinking Irish beer and Irish whiskey with a plethora of diverse alcohol to boot!

St. Patrick is believed to have died on March 17th over 1500 years ago, but his legend prevails.

What better way to keep the tradition happening than by ordaining ‘barKode’ to provide your personal festive jamboree. Your very own nod to Paddy could swiftly ascend your status to saint, for the day at least!

A longtime favourite with ‘barKode’ aficionados is the Irish triple distilled Jameson whiskey. The word ‘whiskey’ is actually derived from the Irish “uisce beatha” meaning ‘water of life’, a fact no doubt significant amongst the already converted, whiskey drinking brethren.

Water in mind, hopefully the weather will be warming by mid-March but there’ll always be time to enjoy a Hot Toddy! Or equally an Irish coffee for the bean enthusiasts!

Indeed, there are numerous Irish whiskey cocktail recipes to tempt your senses and the experienced ‘barKode’ bar staff will happily serve your preferred, with Irish Sour and Irish Old Fashioned the firm favourites. Another worshipped libation especially on this feast day is the Irish dry stout commonly known as Guinness, now brewed in several countries around the world and bibulously consumed in many more. Connoisseurs may also allude to Guinness Black Russian consisting of coffee liqueur, vodka and cola topped with Guinness stout and even Baby Guinness although sinfully devoid of the stuff!

A well-known fable associated with St. Patrick is that he banished all snakes from Ireland. Hmm!

Just imagine the celebrations after that miracle!

Now imagine celebrating in your own domain, snake-free of course, leprechauns and shamrocks optional!

Then why not host your exclusive Paddy’s ‘parade’ wherever you desire from kirche to kitchen, patio to palace?

Contact ‘barKode’ as your godsend today and charm friends and family alike with a shindig they’ll want to experience for years to come. In fact, forever and ever!

Amen to that!!

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