It’s that spooky time of year again

Fancy a Trick or Treat? Dare to swipe right for that devil date?

October has emerged once again from the dark and misty past to spirit you away.

Now it’s time to outshine with a Halloween extravaganza sure to rock the “bowels” of the Underworld like never before.

Entice your friends, family, or colleagues together for a “spooktacular” event that will surely be a fright-night they’ll never forget!

Fear not, with a wide range of hire items available your themed event is sure be a “spook-fest” that will linger.

Mummified Mobile Bar Hire

Here at barKode we offer various bar hire services. We can customise all our bars to ensure that “spine-tingling” Halloween feel. We can provide you with your very own cocktail making bartenders with servers or simply provide the bar. If you’d still like our “enchanted” Halloween cocktails without incurring costs of bartenders, we can make and bring them along at your preferred “witching” hour.

And all our concoctions are from premium branded “SPIRITS”!


Haunted house

This Halloween, why not try our scare special package and bring the frenzied straight to your haunt.

This “ghoulish” package includes our 6x3m party marquee with flooring, 1.8m bespoke bar, 1200w ear-piercing speaker, laser lights, mood lighting, smoke machine and scare accessories.

Create the event that you imagined in your worst nightmare, tailor the package to your “paranormal” fears whilst having gripping fun at the same time!


How barKode can host your spooky spectacular

If you’ve never hosted a Halloween party before and don’t know where to start or simply don’t want the hassle anymore… that’s where we step in. First, we will visit the soon to be “haunted” venue to discuss exactly what you’re looking for. With “haunted” house marquees, “mummified” mobile bars, and the option to fully decorate the interior and exterior of the “lair”, we want to make sure we have every aspect covered not leaving the “ghosts” short.

With a huge range of cocktails and limited time only Halloween special “cursed” cocktails your sure to “spook” your guests with this out of this world experience.

Why not add more free fun by introducing competitions to your party? Who can come the best dressed? Whose “bloodcurdling” bakes look and taste the best? Is that the best Pumpkin you’ve ever seen? That’s witch “craft” if you ask me!

Try our enchanted Halloween cocktails

We have limited time only cocktail selection available to choose from, dive into our drinks page to have a look at the “bloodsucking” options. If your cocktail isn’t there, just drop us a line and we will accommodate your “gruesome” needs.

All our cocktails are priced at just £5 if bought in a package so you can let yourself loose on our “gory goop”.


Body tingling Hot Tub experience

Why not set up under the stars this Halloween in one of our hot tubs that can hold up to 7 “zombies”. While it may be starting to get chilly, our hot tub can maintain temperatures of up to 40 degrees ensuring a “blood boiling” environment. Get blasted by the 180 AirJet massaging system and get ready for your “soul” to leave your body. Get the party started with our ear tingling 1200w sound system blasting “bone chilling” tunes, all inside our perfectly decorated “heart-pounding” party marquee.

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